Auto Attendant Script Example Auto Attendant Sample Script 1 Thank you for calling Abigail Jane’s Flowers, your friendly neighborhood florist for weddings and all of your special occasions. Auto Attendant Sample Script 2 Thank you for calling The Herculean, the fitness club that goes the extra mile for you. Auto Attendant Sample Script 3…(Read More)

You already know when your next vacation is and what holidays your business will be closed on. Instead of playing a generic message telling callers your business is closed, tell them why and when you’ll be back. The more transparent you are with your customers the more likely you are to keep them happy…(Read More)

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Professional greetings from VoiceStudio Pro can be used on a variety of physical and hosted platforms. We provide you with final scripts in MP3 format, compatible with virtually every hosted phone system. Optionally we can provide you with any other file format (WAV, M4A, etc) at various bit rates to match your phone system requirements…(Read More)

Planning your phone system properly will ensure that you account for every option. Start by pretending you are a client about to call in. Think about the very first message they’ll hear and where you want them to be able to get to. Once you’ve mapped out each extension, create a tree-diagram…(Read More)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard delivery is 3-5 business days.
You may choose to wait for them to become available again, or, select a new talent.
Every service has their own unique ways to uploading greetings. Please consult your service provider to determine how to insert them into your phone system.
Sorry! Please reply to the e-mail in which you received your completed order and we will gladly redo it for you.
In order to keep our costs down, support is limited to live-chat and email. Please email [email protected] for the quickest response.