About Us

VoiceStudio Pro’s mission is to make professionally voiced messaging the standard for phone-based systems.

Why do we exist?

No matter how far technology evolves we will continue to need and use a phone for communication. We at VoiceStudio Pro believe that people have become accustomed to bad phone quality and that should not be. We have developed unique processes to augment audio recordings in a way that makes them sound their best on every type of phone system.

Of course, if you are using a VOIP to VOIP phone system your greetings will sound amazing. Unfortunately, phone calls are still routed through archaic networks that degrade the quality by the time you hear it. Our processing allows your messaging to sound great on even the worst of phone lines.

We created VoiceStudio Pro as a single destination for all your professionally recorded telephone greetings. For over 30 years, we have been communicating professionally and providing businesses with professionally recorded greetings to compliment their business.

How our clients use their recordings

Most companies use our Professional Greetings for their phone systems – but – some use them for corporate presentations, video productions and even interactive apps and menu systems. Whatever your application, professional greetings from Voice Studio Pro can make your stand out.

What sets us apart from the rest?

VoiceStudio Pro works with a group of carefully selected professional voice talent to record your professional greetings. Our talent has over 75 years of combined experiencing recording messaging that stands out. We pair our professional voice talent with your phone system to make a match that allows your company to stand out.

Take a listen to our Professional Voice Talent to hear for yourself.